Praktish Schiße – Kulturtankstelle

Praktish Schiße – Kulturtankstelle


‘Praktish Schiße’ is the result of a lecture of the same name in which we discussed artistic, cultural and political dimensions of dirt and cleanliness. We dealt with such different aspects as “the good policy” of the early modern period, aesthetic theories on disgust and disgust, everyday experiences with shit, regulatory policies, work, etc. A focus was the discussion of public and semi-public spaces in the city , such as Linz Central Station.The aim of the exercise is to develop a critical view of the contradictory moments of order and to show how closely purity is linked to violence.In addition, we wonder whether and how art – with artistic methods, strategies and works – can be intervened in practical terms. Be it in the showroom, in institutions, in the state, on the street or at home. How do we encounter the shit that surrounds us? What are we against the cleanliness? How do we get the waste?
Concept & Curating : Tomash Schoiswohl

Željka Aleksić, Annemarie Arzberger, Clara Fridolin Biller , Jacqueline Böhm, Clara Bösl, Judith Breitenbrunner, Cäcilia Brown , Amanda Burzić, Pêdra Costa , Roy Culbertson, Louise Deininger , Sarah K. Eder, Daniel Farado, DJ Lotta Gaffa,  Gelatin , Jovan Glušica, Katharina Grafinger, Tina Graßegger, Sarah Hauber , Mascha Illich, Jessica Jalali, Verena Jung, Julia Karpova, Nina Kern, Yeji Kim, Julie Kratzmeier, Elena Kristofor, Friends of Art , Judy Mardenli, Alice Moe Möschl, Melanie Moser , Katarina Michelitsch , Erisa Mirkazemi, Sophie Netzer, Vivian Nmai, Florian Nörl, Ronan O’Brien, Severin Pfaud, Manuela Picallo , Barbara Post, Heti Prack , Karolina Preuschl, Nicole Pühringer, Miriam Roithinger, Barbis Rudder , Juri Schaden, Ashley Hans Scheirl , Tomash Schoiswohl , Oktavia Carpenter , Ruby Sircar , Sarah Stachl , Ewa Stern, Claudia Tomassetti, Matthias Tremmel, Monica Vlad , Vivien Wallner, Bernadette Weigel

Praktish Schiße took place from 28/06/18 until 04/07/18.

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