Labour Exchange – Creekside Projects

Labour Exchange – Creekside Projects


As part of the Art Licks Weekend 2018, Creekside Projects present the work of 10 young emerging artists who were crucial in helping to build and move Creekside Artists studios to their new location in Deptford. Creekside Projects is the resulting new exhibition space alongside the accompanying studios. 

‘Labour Exchange’ features work by the following artists:

‘Stud wall framer’ Sebastian Coates
‘Dry wall fixer’ Robin Jacobs-Thomson
‘Plasterboard assembler’ Oliver Martyn
‘Dilapidation toolstation’ Rachel Mortlock
‘Impact driver extraordinaire’ Natalie Seo
‘Painter and Decorator’ Lily Slotover
‘Gloss painting supreme’ Sebastian Sochan
‘Dismantler’ Fern Toynton
‘Chippy’ Alex Warners
‘Partition wall builder’ Stan Welch

‘Labour Exchange’ took place from 4th October – 7th October 2018

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