A Setting – Pallas Projects/Studios

A Setting – Pallas Projects/Studios


The group exhibition ‘A Setting’ at Pallas Projects/Studios is comprised of the galleries past and present volunteers Imogen Brady, Cará Donaghey, Dáire McEvoy and  Megan Robinson.
“The geographical Irish landscape and the broad internal landscape of the mind each hold a sense of importance for these four artists. As they are are all from different areas, working in and around Dublin has led them to explore the city itself but also examine other territories; their hometowns, the virtual world, their inner places, all with a different mindset. Considering this, a subtle sense of surrealism is at play within the work presented.”
The exhibition ran from 19/07/18 – 21/07/18

To find more work by the artists in the show, please click on the following links:


Imogen Brady         @imogenbrady

Cará Donaghey        @caradonaghey 

Dáire McEvoy         @the93mc 

Megan Robinson       @meganrobinson23 


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